Bizee Review

Since its establishment in 2004, Bizee (formerly known as IncFile) has specialized in online LLC formation services, successfully registering over 800,000 businesses. This review provides a comprehensive look at the key elements to consider when evaluating their services.

Bizee LLC Formation Packages

Bizee has three LLC formation packages, each offering its own blend of features and pricing:

Silver = $0 + State Fee

Ideal For: Business starters who need the basics, minus the frills.

  • Articles of Organization Preparation and Filing: Required for launching your LLC, Bizee drafts and submits these papers to your state.
  • Name Availability Checks: Bizee ensures your chosen business name isn’t already taken within your state.
  • One Year Free Registered Agent: Legally needed for LLC formation, a registered agent collects and forwards crucial documents for your business. This service is free for one year, then priced at $119 annually, with no renewal obligation.
  • Order Tracking: Stay updated with Bizee’s real-time tool that tracks your order’s progress.

Gold Package: $199 + State Fees

Ideal For:
Entrepreneurs aiming to establish an LLC with added benefits like an EIN and tailored business documents.

Includes all features from the Silver package, along with:

  • Employer ID Number (EIN): This 9-digit identifier serves as your business’s Social Security Number. It enables you to open a business bank account, file taxes, hire staff, and more. Although you can get an EIN on your own from the IRS, Bizee can handle it for you for added convenience.
  • Personalized Operating Agreement: This document sets out your business’s ownership structure and operational guidelines. Bizee takes care of drafting this specialized document for you.
  • Ongoing Company Alerts: Receive email reminders from Bizee about important filing deadlines for things like annual reports and business licenses, throughout your LLC’s lifetime.
  • Digital Document Repository: Once your formation documents are approved and returned by your state, Bizee will upload them to your client dashboard and notify you that they’re available for viewing and downloading.
  • Expedited Document Shipping: Bizee will send you a physical copy of your articles of organization through express shipping (1-3 business days) and provide a tracking number.
  • Banking Resolution: Although somewhat redundant if you already have an EIN, this document can assist in opening a business bank account.
  • S Corporation Tax Filing: Applicable to a limited number of LLCs at this stage, Bizee will prepare and file the necessary S corporation tax forms with the IRS if you choose this taxation option.
  • Tax Consultation Session: Enjoy a 30-minute consultation with a qualified tax advisor, where you can discuss any tax-related questions or concerns regarding your business.

Platinum Package: $299 + State Fees

Ideal For: Entrepreneurs seeking the quickest LLC setup, additional documentation, and extra features.

This package includes all elements of the Gold package, plus the following enhancements:

  • Fast-Track Document Processing: Bizee will utilize the expedited filing option offered by your state of formation, if available. This can potentially reduce your business setup time from weeks to just days.
  • Legal Document Library: Gain access to Bizee’s curated library of 25+ attorney-drafted business forms and templates, which you can tailor to your specific needs.
  • Complimentary Domain and Business Email: Receive a free domain name for your company’s website and an official business email account, both available at no extra cost for one year.

Bizee offers a free business formation service where you only cover your state’s filing fee, and this comes with a year of registered agent services included. After the first year, the registered agent service renews at $119 annually, a competitive rate.

Their Gold package, priced at $149, offers more features compared to the basic Silver package. It’s a worthy investment if you require additional documents such as an operating agreement and banking resolution, along with EIN procurement, ongoing company notifications, and the option for S corporation tax status.

The Platinum package is priced higher at $299, but the added value may justify the cost depending on your business needs. This package includes state expedited filing and a variety of extra features.

Order Placement Simplicity

Starting a business can be overwhelming, especially if you’re uncertain about the behind-the-scenes complexities. The purpose of using a service like Bizee is to streamline the formation process and save you time.

Unlike some online platforms where you might feel as if you’re essentially doing the paperwork yourself, Bizee offers a swift and uncomplicated process. As you navigate through the sign-up, the steps are tailored according to your state of residence and the type of business you aim to create. Throughout the application, small question marks and hyperlinks are provided to offer more information about specific questions or form fields.

Bizee also allows you to add optional services that are not part of your initial package. If you opt for these, the total cost is immediately updated on-screen, ensuring there are no unexpected charges.

Speed of Service Overview

Bizee’s processing times are competitive, often outpacing their rivals and potentially being faster than if you were to handle the formation yourself. They promise that every LLC or corporate filing will be processed and sent to the respective state of formation within one business day.

It’s worth noting that the overall time frame for completing the formation can vary by state. Some states may finalize your application in just a few days, while others could take several weeks.

For those in a rush to establish their business, Bizee offers the option of expedited state processing for an extra charge, the amount of which is determined by your state. Alternatively, you can opt for their Platinum package, which includes expedited service.

Customer Support

Bizee provides customer support through both phone and email channels to assist clients with their business formation needs. Their phone support is generally efficient, offering quick and courteous responses from their agents. Although the answers may not be overly detailed, they aim to resolve queries in a timely manner. Email support, on the other hand, has been noted to be less responsive, sometimes taking days to provide a reply, which often comes in the form of a templated response. Nonetheless, the availability of these two support options allows customers to choose their preferred method of communication when seeking help or clarification.

How Does Bizee Work

Utilizing Bizee’s service is straightforward. You begin by answering a series of questions about your business, which Bizee then uses to prepare and file your necessary documents. Here’s a general outline of the steps involved:

1.Choose your type of business and the state in which you wish to establish it.

2. Pick the package that best suits your needs.

3. Opt for any additional services, such as expedited filing, custom operating agreements, or banking resolutions.

4. Provide Bizee with the details required for your Articles of Organization.

The information typically needed includes the name of your LLC or corporation, your business address, contact details for all members (owners), the name and address of your registered agent (if not using Bizee), your intended business start date, and an end date if your business is temporary.

If you add extra features to your chosen package, Bizee will request that information as well. Throughout the application, Bizee supplies handy links and explanatory bubbles to clarify any unfamiliar terms or features.

Upon collecting all necessary information, you’ll be directed to a payment page to finalize your order. Post-transaction, Bizee continues to support you in maintaining state compliance, especially if you opt to keep their registered agent services.

Additional Services by Bizee

Bizee isn’t just about forming businesses; they offer a range of other services as well. To help you understand their pricing model, we examined their à la carte offerings compared to what’s included in their packages.

Here’s a rundown of their additional services:

  1. Registered Agent Service ($119/year): Without Bizee’s business formation service, you’d miss out on the free one-year registered agent offer and would pay an annual rate of $119, which is standard.
  2. Change of Registered Agent ($49): To update your registered agent information with the state, you can use this simple form.
  3. Amendments ($99): For significant updates to your LLC documents, Bizee charges $99, plus state fees. This is in line with the industry standard.
  4. Dissolution ($149): If you decide to close your LLC, Bizee will handle all the required paperwork to formally dissolve your business.
  5. Foreign Qualification ($149): For LLCs initially formed in another state, this fee covers the foreign qualification process, making it competitive in the market.
  6. DBA Name ($99): This service provides the legal framework to use an assumed business name, otherwise known as ‘Doing Business As.’
  7. Annual Report ($99): Most states require an annual or biennial report. Bizee’s charge for this is slightly on the higher side considering the simplicity of the document.
  8. Certificate of Good Standing ($49): This document verifies your LLC’s compliance with state regulations. The fee is reasonably priced compared to competitors.
  9. LLC Kit ($99): This is essentially a branded binder for your business. However, it’s a non-essential item, making the $99 fee less appealing.
  10. Business License Research Package ($99): This includes a comprehensive list of all required business licenses and permits, although you will need to apply for them yourself.
  11. Trademark Search and Registration ($199): This service includes federal trademark database searches, registration, and legal advice from a specialized attorney.
  12. EIN ($70): Although easily obtainable from the IRS directly, Bizee charges $70 for this service, which is a standard industry price.
  13. S Corporation Tax Election ($50): If you prefer your LLC to be taxed as an S corporation, this reasonably priced service is available.

Each of these services comes with its own pricing, allowing you to pick what best suits your business needs.


Bizee stands as a reliable choice for entrepreneurs in search of cost-free LLC formation. The inclusion of registered agent services across all their LLC packages adds significant value. Coupled with strong customer reviews, Bizee offers a compelling suite of features that make it a top-notch option for LLC services.

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